HOA Australia Pty Ltd is a distributor of Local and International Fine Foods with an emphasis on Asian influenced products.
Our extensive experience in our business compounded with our market knowledge has seen our supplier base, customer base and product range increase significantly over the years.

Our company vision is to continually uphold the quality of our products, provide competitive prices and maintain customer satisfaction. We view our customers as our partners and strive to contribute to the success of their business.

We pride ourselves on maintaining a diversified and up to date range of products. We regularly research market trends and consistently consult with our suppliers to ensure that the products we market are suitable for current market needs. Our buyers are always on the lookout for new and exciting products. They travel extensively throughout Asia and therefore are able to bring to the market the latest products.

We have a comprehensive distribution network throughout Australia. Our distribution points are strategically placed around the country with the aim of minimising cost and increasing efficiency for our customers. The structure of our distribution network provides us with the means to cater for our customers irrespective of their location, be it in major metropolitan areas or the outer regions.